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Just Data was founded in 2001 for the purpose of providing secure, reliable and scalable online billing solutions to merchants of all sizes. After successfully managing millions of dollars worth of transactions worldwide, Just Data’s mission is to become a leader in the credit card billing industry.

Payment processing provides merchants with credit, debit, gift and loyalty card and other payment processing services, along with related information services. The industry continues to grow as a result of wider merchant acceptance, increased consumer use of bank cards and advances in payment processing and telecommunications technology.

According to The Nilson Report, total expenditures for all card type transactions by U.S. consumers were $3.3 trillion in 2007, and are expected to grow to $4.8 trillion by 2012. From 2002 to 2007, the compound annual growth rate of card payments was 7%, and this rate is expected to increase to 8% for 2008 to 2012. The proliferation of bank cards has made the acceptance of bank card payments a virtual necessity for many businesses, regardless of size, in order to remain competitive.

This use of bank cards, enhanced technology initiatives, efficiencies derived from economies of scale and the availability of more sophisticated products and services to all market segments has led to a highly specialized industry.

The innovation and efficiency of JustData has allowed us to thrive in this competitive marketplace.



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